Office of Institutional Research

Institutional Research ARGOS Dashboards

Institutional Research ARGOS dashboards provide Faculty, Staff and Administrators with both record-level and aggregated data on students and employees. This enterprise-reporting tool provides users with the ability to create their own reports in a user-friendly manner. Key Performance indicators are also available for any strategic planning or internal reporting needs.

ARGOS training materials:

ARGOS Dashboard Instruction

OLAP Cubes Features

Steps for Access to our Dashboards:

Fill out the Web Report Library Viewer Access Form

The Web Report Library Report Viewer Access Form can also be found online by going to the myUT portal, clicking Employee tab, then looking under Systems Access Forms for the “Web Report Library Access Request”.

  1. Fill out the Report roles you need.
  2.     Department chairs, associate deans and upper level administrators should request access to the following folders:
            Student-Institutional Research
            Institutional Research – Restricted
        Anyone requiring access to the Diversity dashboard should check the Institutional Research- Diversity folder.
        If you do not fall into one of the above administrative groups, please provide an explanation for the report role.
  3. Follow directions in the WRL form to get approval access from the appropriate custodian for the folder by emailing the completed form to the appropriate custodians.

  4. After the form is approved, you will receive acknowledgement from someone in IT.

  5. Once you have access, you can login to ARGOS at using your UTAD credentials.

For assistance and training questions, please contact

For access to all other ARGOS dashboards and to the Web Report Library, visit the IT website:

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