Office of Institutional Research

Important Survey Support Announcement

The Office of Institutional Research ceased administrative support of the Vovici survey platform in December 2012. Qualtrics has replaced Vovici as the survey and feedback platform of choice for studies administered by the Office of Institutional Research.

What This Means:

  1. If you have an active survey administered through Vovici or have administered a survey in Vovici in the past, you should contact Institutional Research to discuss migrating your survey(s) from one platform to the other.

  2. If you currently hold a seat as a Vovici survey author, you should contact Institutional Research to discuss the available options to help ensure that your feedback collection and survey research go uninterrupted.

For more information or questions about the transition, please contact Robin Kuhl by email or by telephone at 419-530-1241.

For more information about Qualtrics survey software please visit Qualtrics. For more information about Vovici survey software, please visit Vovici.

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