Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research staff can provide assistance in the development of professional, high-quality surveys.

Institutional Research can provide the following support:

  • Clarify the questions you want answered
  • Recommend the most appropriate method of survey (web, mail, etc.)
  • Develop the survey instrument
  • Compile and clean electronic survey response files
  • Analyze survey results
  • e-mail to potential respondents
What You'll Need To Do

  • Provide overall direction of the project, including final approval of the research design, instrument, and implementation
  • Acquire IRB approval, if necessary.
  • Deploy
    • post it on the web
    • pass it out in class
    • print and mail, stuff envelopes
    • make telephone survey calls
  • Manual data entry of "free form" (written) responses
  • Survey costs (printing, postage, etc)
  • There is no charge for IR staff time, but staff time is limited by work
For more information contact:
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