Office of Institutional Research

Important Survey Support Announcement

The Survey Committee is meeting once a month to plan and coordinate all major institutional surveys across campus. This committee is chaired by the Director of Institutional Research and includes representatives from the Provost Office, Student Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion, Institutional Review Board, Office of Human Resources, Information Systems and Faculty.

Please make sure you check the Survey Calendar to avoid overlap with these major surveys. For planning purposes, we are providing anticipated month/year for when these will be launched. We appreciate your cooperation in assuring we do not overburden our students, faculty and staff with surveys during these time periods.

University of Toledo Institutional Research Major Surveys Schedule

Yearly AlcoholEdu for College Student Affairs Direct From High School Students, New Transfer Students, First Year CCP Students, New Online Students July-August July-August July-August
Yearly ODHE Sexual Misconduct Survey Student Affairs All students/faculty/staff March/April March/April March/April
Alternate year Campus Climate Survey Diversity and Inclusion All students/faculty/staff April -- April
Alternate year Diversity Survey Diversity and Inclusion All students/faculty/staff -- April --
Yearly First Destination Survey Center for Experiential Learning and Career Services Graduating seniors October/March October/March October/March
TBD Great Colleges to Work for Employee Survey Provost Office/IR A random sample of employees (2000) April -- --
Alternate year NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) Provost Office/IR First-year students and Seniors -- February-May --
Alternate year CIRP Freshman Survey Provost Office/IR All new incoming undergraduate students -- September-October --
Yearly Survey of Military students - mandated by OBR Military and Veteran Affairs All military students April-May April-May April-May
TBD Dean Evaluation Survey Faculty Senate Faculty March -- --
Yearly Senior Survey Provost Office Senior undergraduates who have applied for graduation January January January
Yearly HR annual survey HR All faculty/staff October October October

Large-scale campus-wide surveys (administered to 500 or more individuals) must go through the survey committee with the exception of faculty related research surveys.

If your survey is not on this list, please fill out the survey request form.

If you would like to communicate with our committee, please contact with Subject: RE: Survey Committee.

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